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Pure Wool Kanni work Coat
Material:- Pure wool
Color:- Kanni Jama work
Origin:- Kashmir
Measurements for coat :-
Chest 57cm
Shoulder 43cm
Coat length 106cm
Sleeve lengthFull length (56cm)
Measurement for shawl :- length 200cm, Width 109cm
Design:- Kanni weave
Care:- Dry cleaning only
Occasion:- Casual/semi formal


Kashmiri kahwa is the traditional tea with different ingredients like Saffron/Cardamom/Natural Green Tea/Cinnamon/Ginger/Liquorise. Kahwa has many health benefits -helps with immunity, relieves stress, improves poor digestion, good for cold. You can make atleast 40 cups of kashmiri kahwa from the contents of this jar. To prepare simply add one teaspoon or 6-7 gms of Zabar Kashmiri Kahwa to boiling water in a cup. To make it more heavenly simply add crushed almond and stir .

We welcome you to one of the best Online Handmade Clothing portal. We are offering a wide collection of Handmade Clothing Products. Our products are woven with the finest quality and rare yarns, making our handmade clothes unique, beautiful, and quality-defining. The skill of spinning is the defining moment in Handmade Clothing Products . It turns Cashmere yarn into some of the most beautiful pashmina shawls, stoles, scarves, throws, and garments the world has ever seen. A weaver places the yarn gently on his traditional wooden handloom and begins weaving with a coordinated effort of his hand and foot. Weaving is done in a variety of ways. At bhadaysoulofstyle.com, we only provide the finest materials.

We are offering plain and different patterns in Handcrafted Women Clothing. First, the pattern to be woven on the shawls is sketched out with perforation lines for embroidering. Then, tiny dust in a contrasting hue is printed through the holes shawl. Once the tracing was removed, the outlines would be visible on the shawl, ready for the embroiderer to begin work. These days, however, embroiderers may employ wooden blocks with carved-out motifs to construct the shawl tracings.

Assorted colors

Pashmina is regarded as the world’s best handicraft, transforming the warm and delicate Cashmere strands into great accessories. Pashmina was known to kings, queens, royal families, and nobility. Hence the craze is at its peak; the popularity of Cashmere shawl in australia is increasing.

Buy handmade clothing online in Australia from our portal because our hand-knit Pashmina will make you feel as if beautiful fluffy clouds have surrounded you. Its gentle touch and extreme warmth caress you. Because of the twill tapestry weaving, Pashmina has a slightly shiny appearance. However, it has a great look because it reflects little light. It looks and feels more royal when a handcrafted Pashmina shawl is hand-stitched in Kashmiri embroidery. Cashmere has been the most sought-after fiber since it was discovered. This is because it is the raw material for the beautiful Pashmina shawls worn by emperors, monarchs, and queens. Perhaps the only craft for which invasions have been prepared is pashmina. So buy cashmere shawls online Australia from bhadaysoulsofstyle.com and add a gemstone to your personality.


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